Sleep Apnoea Association ACT


We meet bi-monthly at 2pm on Saturday's at the Canberra Southern Cross Club, Woden.

Next Meeting Dates 2019:

April 20th 2019 (Saturday) - Mr Graham Waite, Director, Technology for Ageing and Disability ACT Inc (TADACT Inc).
See April Newsletter for more information about this organisation.

Other Meeting Dates 2019: (Confirmed)

June 15th 2019 - Principal Pharmacist's Taz & Shaheed, Blooms Pharmacy Karabar Shopping Mall and Queanbeyan city, NSW.
August 17th 2019 - Ms Lyn Morley, ACT Lung Life Inc (Confirmed)
October 19th 2019 - (Annual General Meeting)
November 16th 2019 - Ms Carol Flavel, Guardian Plan Consultant, Tobin Brothers, White Lady and Simplicity Funerals, ACT & Queanbeyan (to be confirmed)

Proposed Meeting Dates 2020: Subject to confirmation.
February 15th 2020
- (Guest speaker to be confirmed)
April 18th 2020 - (Guest speaker to be confirmed)
June 20th 2020 - (Guest speker to be confirmed)
August 15th 2020 - (Guest spekaer to be confirmed)
October 17th 2020 - Annual General Meeting (AGM) - (Guest speker to be confirmed)
November 21st 2020 - (Guest speker to be confirmed)